"How do I look?"-Holly Golightly

I have been craving to get a dress from Shabby Apple ever since I started work.
I love their stuff and wish I had a whole wardrobe from them.
I am required to wear a skirt or dress everyday, so naturally my options have quickly worn their welcome and I'm running out of creative combinations. I just want to look fabulous and add something new to the tired work wardrobe.

Which should I get?

Please comment and give me your opinion...because I am too indecisive and obviously this decision is of great importance.


And the three finalists are...

This one ...
(personal favorite)

This one is in green, magenty-purple, or yellow. Any of those colors or which one?

OR this one in blue or black...


  1. 1st one 1st one!!! Love you!!!

  2. 2nd in the purple!!! It would look perfect with your skin and hair tones:) Plus I've seen the first one around...like on at least two people. Go for numba 2!!!

  3. Agree with Steph, go for the 2nd one in purple! you could layer it with different skirts if you wanted too!


Thanks for making my day!

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