"Wherever a man turns, he can find someone who needs him." -Albert Schweitzer

I watched Seven Pounds today for the first time, all the way through.*

Though it was a major tear-jerker, I thought it was a wonderful movie with a wonderful message.

I am a huge proponent of organ donation

After taking anatomy and learning about the miracle of the human body, 

I can't help but support it even more. 

I think it is simply amazing that one day, 

I will be able to help someone's quality of life improve even after I've passed on.

Regardless of your view on it, I just think there are so many reasons to place huge importance on 

keeping our incredible bodies healthy and helping others do the same, in any way we can.

*Fact: About 85% of the movies I watch, I fall asleep in the first five to thirty minutes. So, to finally finish it all the way through... this was a huge deal. It may or may not have helped that I had a two hour nap before I watched it AND Will Smith was in it. One of the men on my gorgeous men list...coming soon. :)

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