Without further ado, 
I present to you my gorgeous men list 
(in no particular ranking). 

Cary Grant.

The ultimate gentleman.
So sophisticated. So suave. So debonair.
 So classy. So hilarious. So attractive.
He is the complete package.

Will Smith. 

I would love to marry a man with a little ethnicity...
Just sayin'. 

Taylor Lautner.

Just admit it.
We ALL became members of Team Jacob 
when we saw him in all of his shirtless glory. 
Don't even try to deny it.

Paul Newman.

No. He is not my uncle. He is not my grandpa. 
We are not related, so he is definitely fair game and what fair game he is!

Kyle Korver. 

I love basketball. So much. 
And it's always nice to have a little eye candy while watching a game.

David Beckham.

No one can compare. 
The accent. The hair. The smile. The moves. 
Always perfect for Mr. Beckham. 
Isn't he just great?

Shia LaBeouf 

He has come a long way 
from being Louis on "Even Stevens" 
to this beauty of a GQ cover.

Josh Duhamel. 

Ever seen When In Rome? I highly recommend it. Mainly because of him. 

"You think you're pretty charming, don't you?" -Beth (Kristen Bell)
"Maybe."-Nick (Josh Duhamel)
"Well, you are."-Beth

Yes you are, Prince Josh Duhamel Charming.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Hands down, he is my favorite Actor. Love him in everything. 
His looks and personality are both so magnetic. He is just so wonderful.

Michael Bublé.

You can serenade me anytime, you gorgeous man. 
Your concert was the best one I will ever see. 

Chris Pine. 

I had never seen a Star Trek episode or movie until you came along. 

Jude Law.

You are quite lovely in "The Holiday". 

James Franco. 

Always so cute in everything 
from when he had amnesia in "Spiderman 3"
to doing the jammy shuffle on The Tizzle Wizzle show.

Christian Bale.

Dreamy in Newsies. Dreamy in The Prestige.
Dreamy in Batman. Dreamy all the time.
Once a dreamboat, always and forever will be a dreamboat.

Brad Pitt. 

But what's even better than Brad Pitt? 
I have two words for you....

Robert Redford.

He is definitely the better version of Brad Pitt 
and he is so charming in Barefoot in The Park. 

Matt Damon. 

For the year 2007, he was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. 
However, in my heart,  he will always hold that title. 

Daniel Craig. 

In the words of JaNae, "I love a man with a gun."

Marlon Brando. 

His Pre-Godfather days are prime.

James Marsden. 

You are the best advertisement Gap has ever used. 

Gerard Butler. 

Look at those melt-your-heart blue eyes.
The kiss in P.S. I Love You is my favorite movie kiss ever.

Heath Ledger. 

Love him so much. Miss him so much.

Harrison Ford. 

I love an adventurous man and 
 a name like Indiana Jones...
there's just no competing with that.
(Kacee...this one is for you.)

Chris Hemsworth.

 The older, hotter, and smarter brother of Liam Hemsworth. 
You would've made the list, Liam, 
but you must be brain-dead to be dating Miley Cyrus. 

Jake Gyllenhaal. 

His great eyes, 
his great laugh, 
and his great smile... 
I love it all so much. 

Bradley Cooper. 

Those eyes just pierce your soul. 

Ryan Reynolds. 

Ryan, I have a proposal for you. 
Please leave Scarlett Johansen and let's get married. 
What? You love that idea? 
Yes, I think it's a very good idea, too. 

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  1. Love it. Love the comments. Love the men. Love the pictures. Love you.

  2. Hope Newman (Hopie J.)June 28, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    You make me laugh Cpup!!!!

  3. woahhh lovedd it !!!


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