“There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.” -Tennessee Williams

Exactly a year ago from yesterday (June 4th), 
I had just graduated from high school.

As I've mentioned several times before, I wasn't sure of where my journey would lead me as I took a departure from the known and safe to the unknown world of adulthood. 

And in this year (which honestly seems like it has been the blink of an eye),  I feel like I've made so much progress on my meaningful pursuit. 

Unlike a year ago, I have a couple things in my life now that I feel have helped me progress and have been great experiences for me.
  • I have a job. Yes, you are reading the blog of the newest Church employee. I work at the Church Office Building doing secretarial type work and absolutely love it. The environment, the people I've met, and the constant companionship of the Spirit and the continual promptings coming to me everyday is simply mind-boggling. 
  • I am the treasurer in my LDS sorority. You are going to get (and probably already are) sick of me saying how much I love PSI and the girls I have met in it. It is such a huge part and blessing in my life. I have met incredible people and had even more incredible experiences since I have joined PSI.
  • I finished my freshman year of college! I'd like to say I know all the ropes of college now, but I'm sure there is still so much to learn. But it just feels good to know that I'm at the right place and I've experienced college and being away from home in the past year.
  • I've learned to be at peace with my life. I think it is so important to accept and adapt to change. It is so important to be content with who you truly are and not be afraid to show it. Then the things that are truly important to you take precedence and all the other things that don't mean as much slip out of your life. It's important to set priorities and fill your life with things of substance and meaning. It is also important to set aside time out of your day to have quiet time to reflect and just be at peace. Even if it's just ten minutes to clear out your mind, it is so important to just have quiet. There is an overwhelming, yet simple feeling of joy that comes from being at peace with your life and who you are. That has been a huge goal of mine the past year and it has hopefully helped me grow as a person, friend, and example to others.
I really am floored that it has already been a year. It has gone by so quickly! When I was coming home on Thursday night from a meeting to plan our year for PSI, I looked up at the "V" on the mountain. It was weird, because just yesterday (or so it seems), the V was lit up for my class graduating. As time continues to just fly, I hope that I can keep plugging along this pursuit of mine and I can depart from the old and familiar to discover new and meaningful life experiences.

PS: If you read this last night or early this morning, I am so sorry! It (obviously) was not completely finished and had a long long series of "mmmmmmmmmmmm" and unfinished sentences. I (obviously) fell asleep writing this and woke up 8 hours later to find that I had published it. Maybe I should get some more sleep or not write blog entries when I'm basically comatose (obviously). Yikes.

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