One Birthday=Four Days.

So...the birthday celebration continued.

Thursday night was the only thing I wanted to do with my friends for my birthday....something very low-key and low-maintenence. I wanted to just relax for my birthday.

BUT...I was spoiled. BIG TIME.

Much to my surprise, these amazing friends had been scheming and planning a party for me Friday night.

I didn't even see it coming since I thought that Thursday night was my birthday celebration. They really threw me off and I was extremely surprised.

JaNae was taking me to dinner, simply because we wanted to go and I wanted to catch up. As we're driving, she starts talking about how it is my birthday weekend and how I get to choose dinner. I said, "We aren't celebrating my birthday anymore. We already did last night. It's not my birthday weekend, like I told you!"

Then...Kacee pops out from the back seat and says, "It's totally your birthday weekend!"

My reaction was something to the effect of....


Mixed with squeals, tears, and laughter.

She had come down from BYU-I to surprise me and for Father's Day.  We went to Cafe Rio. We got pedicures. We had Hawaiian Ice. Allie joined us after she got off work. They sang to me. We saw Toy Story 3 (which was SO good and I sobbed at the end). We had a good time, even though it was sad to not have Lydia with us and we missed her a lot.

It was a lovely evening and they were so sneaky in planning it.

The next morning....

This best friend of mine took me and her friend, Hilary, for our birthdays (Hilary's was on Saturday) to Lagoon. My incredible friend and neighbor, Chelsee met up with us and it was a blast to go to Lagoon after not having been there in ages and ages.

There were so many rides I had never been on and out of all of them, my favorite ride was...OdySea.
Yes, those well-versed in Lagoon know that is OdySea is in the Kiddieland section of the park.

Don't judge me.

I came home around six, made dinner, watched part of Arsenic and Old Lace, and fell asleep...of course.

I woke up a couple hours later, got ready for bed, and wrapped some Father's Day presents.

The next morning, Sunday (my actual birthday), I woke up and went to church with my family. I was able to go in and help my mom with her primary class, because her teaching partner was sick.

All of the Primary kids sang "Your Happy Birthday" to me. Which was adorable and totally rocked.... Even though I was just visiting and more than slightly embarrassed that my mom had told someone it was my birthday when they asked who had a birthday during the week.

After church, we opened presents for Father's Day and birthday presents, then had a lunch/dinner barbeque with my grandparents.

The traditional Dairy Queen ice cream cake was bought and I blew out all of my candles...now, I just hope the wish comes true!

We watched "When In Rome", which I had received for my birthday and I fell asleep...of course.

I still am just so plumb-tuckered out from all the celebrating.

I can't believe I'm 19, but it feels good and I know a great year is ahead.

I was really spoiled and showered with love over the four days, to say the least.
Endless "Thank you's" to those who made it special and such a wonderful, unforgettable birthday!

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