Like Thomas

Dear Future Husband,

Last week, when I attended Thomas' fifth grade program, I had the weirdest thought hit me. Not only is my little baby brother (who isn't so little and isn't a baby anymore) almost done with elementary school, but I looked over at my parents grinning at my brother during his speaking part and I thought about us going to our kids' elementary school programs or sports games or recitals or whatever it may be. 

(After one of Thomas' competition basketball games)

I often wonder if you were like Thomas when you were younger. 

I wonder if you lived and breathed basketball or watched sports as avidly as he does.

I wonder if you and your friends would ride bikes at night or have air soft gun wars that last for hours. 

I wonder if you had girls in your class come over to your house to ask you to go on walks with them...Well, I don't really wonder that. I know that probably happened to you.

I wonder if you devoured all the food in sight and were still hungry at age ten.

I wonder if you knew everything about every car ever made. 

But there is one thing I don't wonder about, because I already know it. You always have and will be able to make those around you laugh. There is nothing better than hearing Thomas and his friends laugh. He always knows just what to say to cheer me up and make me laugh hysterically. He has the most wonderful and contagious laugh. It's one of my favorite sounds in the entire world. I think about it at work when it is dead silent and I just start laughing myself. 

I just can't wait to hear your laugh
and laugh together until we can't breathe. 

And one thing I hope for is that when we finally meet each other, we can go support my siblings at their programs, sports games, recitals, concerts, and whatever it may be 
until that distant future time when we have our own children to go watch.

Love you, 
Catherine Anne

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