“If you don't own a dog, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” -Roger Caras

I love my black miniature schnauzer, Wilson
I didn't think I'd love him as much as the dog we had when I was younger, 
but I instantly fell in love with him and his cute personality. 
He is such a smart, energetic, and funny dog.

I have many nicknames for him.

....Wils, Wil Dog, Wilsie, Wilson Pupcake, Wilsiano, or Cuteness....

all of which he responds to. 

We got him on June 13, 2007 when he was just a puppy. Every day of my junior and senior year, he'd be waiting for me when I'd come home from school and jump up on my legs and wrap his little front paws around my leg to squeeze it like a hug. Whenever I have been sick, he lays on the couch or on my bed snuggled up right next to me to help "take care" of me. 
I missed him so much in college when I'd come back to an empty dorm room after classes. 
Sometimes, I would just cry, because I missed my "Welcome Home hug" so much. 

I just love having a dog. 
It's so fun to take him on walks, 
have him do his tricks, 
listen to him "talk" (howl) to me, 
and watch him look up at me 
with his big brown eyes. 

He's a keeper!

(How could you not love him?!)


  1. Oh my goodness he is SO adorable! He looks pretty much exactly like my dog but white! We definitely need to have a play date with these two :] Love ya!

  2. He is so cute! Love all the pictures of your furbabe! I linked my pet stories up with The Shine Project today too :)

  3. He is gorgeous! I linked up my pet story today too. I am at Uni now so can relate to what you said; I am seriously missing my babies!! :(


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