Five Things in Endless Supply.

If you haven't noticed, I love making lists. I go through so many sticky notes and pieces of paper writing lists about everything. Things I need to do. Things I have done. Things I want to do. Things I've eaten. Things I haven't eaten. Places I want to go. Homework and tasks I need to accomplish. You get the idea. Lots of lists... everywhere. In my wallet. Everywhere in my room. At my office desk. So, here is the list that I made today in my mind at work of five things that I think it would be nice to have an endless supply of.

1. NYLONS.  
"I've never put on pantyhose, but it sounds dangerous."
Name that movie!

Working at an office now, I am required to wear formal attire everyday and I'm going through nylons like nobody's business. I wish nylons were made to be stronger and last longer. It seems like I'm always snagging them or my big feet are breaking through the ends of them, no matter how careful I am with them. I also am starting to run out of combinations of skirts, shirts, sweaters, and dresses. So I am wanting to by some more formal business/church attire...such as anything from this website.


I love Neutrogena anything. Hair products. Makeup. Skin care. I swear by it. It can be a little bit pricier (pricyer...pricy...pricey...pricey-er...weird word), but I feel like it is worth it to splurge.


I love me a good ball point pen. I love the way my handwriting looks when I write with a ball-point pen and I love doodling with them. Everything just looks better when you use a ball point pen.


As I've mentioned many times, I love mail, especially handwritten letters. The stationary and cards by the front doors of our local Target store is one of my favorite places to just browse at, aside from the jewelry and home decor. I love looking at the designs on the stationary and all of the cute cards to send people.


Undoubtedly, music is one thing that can bring sheer joy to me. Sometimes, I feel as if I will burst out of my being when I listen/sing songs. My breath catches in my chest or tears come to my eyes or I issue involuntary laughter in a silent car. Just some of the whole range of emotions which can come out when I'm singing or listening to music. When I'm bored, I love browsing iTunes and finding new artists and songs that don't play on the radio every five minutes.

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  1. CATHERINE! I just got this journal thing called Listography and I have no doubt that you would totally love it. The whole thing is a book of lists. And only two are about sex! Hahaha. I seriously love that journal thing. You should get one.

    And the best thing about ball-point pens is the way the paper is indented on the back once you've written on it. I love that.


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