"Bless you!"

That's the automatic response when you hear someone sneeze, right?


Then the person usually says, 

"Thank you!"



Well, a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure about this common practice.

It was my third day of work and I was sitting in my cubicle, working away.

I could do names and faces fine, but I still didn't know people really well and I still was nervous about doing everything right...(well, I still am, but you know how it goes when you first start a job).

Back to the cubicle, I was working and everything was quiet.

Then, the lady in the cubicle next to mine breaks the silence with....


My automatic response was a friendly and loud, "Bless you!"

But nothing....the silence returned and I felt extremely awkward.

Then someone hit my panic button.

For about fifteen minutes, I sat there sweating and worrying out of my mind about if saying "Bless you" was sacrilegious or not the right thing to say.

Oh great, I'm such a bad person! OH NO...I'm going to go to the place downstairs for saying "Bless you"! Was there something in the contract about not saying "Bless you?"

Ridiculous thoughts, but all of them were running through my head.

I even came home worrying about it.

The next day, I said a friendly hello to the lady and she didn't respond.

I began to panic again as I started my work for the day.

Then, a twitch of my nose and the feeling of sneeze was coming....

ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhCHOOOOOOOO!

Then I heard a friendly "Bless you!" come from the lady of the cubicle next to me.

A huge wave of relief washed over me.

I have never been more glad about someone saying "Bless you!" than I was right then.

Speaking of work, I have to wake up so early tomorrow. I'm exhausted and I've been helping at my friend's wedding tonight for four hours....High heels, ya love 'em and ya hate 'em. Now, the real thing to panic about is if I have nylons for tomorrow. Big feet + constantly wearing church clothes = Not such a good combination.

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