"Will someone please slap the freak in the face?" -Brooke Porter, CNN Talk Show Host

My day in percentages:

45% Studying and finishing papers...not fun.

5% Staring blankly at my Macbook wondering/trying to remember what to do next

15% Eating. 
To be exact: a bagel and yogurt for breakfast, 
a huge Chipotle burrito with chips and guacamole for lunch, 
and to top it all off, a pint of Ben & Jerry's S'Mores 
and then our whole building had a pizza party which I of course went to. 
Ummm, let's just say I haven't had this much food in a very very VERY long time and I'm about to explode. 
I look like I'm about ready to give birth to twins.

32% Watching Youtube videos specifically the one below/watching Disturbia with Shia Labeouf on Youtube

3% Wondering how old the human in the video above is and wondering why my leg keeps twitching uncontrollably

and 100% of this day has been spent laughing hysterically and uncontrollably about EVERYTHING even if it isn't funny. 

I am wearing a huge gray Mount Vernon tee shirt, jeans, 
and the lazyyyy hairdo of the past three weeks
-a ponytail on top of the head with a headband.

What's the matter with me?

I think we all know...

Finalstreptococcusloopyflu has set in... and my case is fatal.

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  1. Finalstreptococcusloopyflu. Disease confirmed. I would recommend a Cafe Rio lunch with JaNae. Sometime in the near future. I think it's the only cure. Good luck with finals.
    Love, JaNae


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