Twenty Five. version 05.02.10

You know how Facebook has certain fads?

(i.e. becoming a fan/liking something or dopple ganger week, etc.)

Remember about a year (or so) ago 
when everyone was posting 25 facts about themselves? 

Well...I do. 

It was funny to look back on what I wrote last year.
So I decided that I wanted to create a 2010 list of 25 facts.

And by facts, I mean my current thoughts/really random things about me...complete with pictures.

Narcisstic? Maybe... probably.

An excellent way to procrastinate studying? Very much so.

1. I love stationary and writing "old-fashioned" letters to people. And it's so fun when you go to the mailbox and someone writes you back. I just simply love letters and this movie.

2. Speaking of old-fashioned things, I am very old fashioned. My friends always tell me that I have an "old soul". I especially love old movies, especially black and white movies, and music from the 1930s to the 1950s.

3. But I love music from pretty much any era....1970s disco and R&B, 2000s rap, 80s rock and pop, 90s boy bands, 1920s jazz and piano, and the list could go on and on. Music is one of my passions in life.

2. Lately in my dreams, I'm either in a classroom/at school worrying about something OR walking and talking just one on one with someone. No variations. Any dream interpreters out there?

3. I could go crazy and max out my card at Bath and Body Works. Oh wait, that's already happened once...woops.

4. I have come to believe the Freshman 15 does not exist. It's a myth, especially when you are required to have a meal plan at the Heritage Center.

5. My number one career goal is to help people. I just need to decide exactly what I'm doing. It's been changing for the past month, but right now I'm thinking I want to get a masters in Speech Pathology and minor in Spanish. I'll just have to see what's around the riverbend and what actually happens along this one meaningful pursuit of mine.

6. The one class I'll miss this semester is my institute class. I took the second half of Book of Mormon with Brother Gary Poll. He was a fabulous teacher and it was an incredible class.

7. I'm in a sorority through the University of Utah Institute and I absolutely love it! I have so many wonderful friends from it and it's probably one of the best decisions I have made so far this year. I found out a few weeks ago that I am going to be the treasurer in the presidency for 2010-2011 and I am so excited.

8. Forget the classic black tuxedos (even though they are still quite stylish).... I'm completely obsessed with fitted tan, dark brown, and gray suits paired up with skinny (but not too skinny) ties.

Not really chino, but a little bit darker tan.

9. The first thing I notice about someone is their smile, then their eyes.

10. I absolutely love Love LOVE orchids.

Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C. 2009

11. Hands down, young Robert Redford is more attractive than Brad Pitt. Disclaimer: There are maybe one or two movies as exceptions and both men are very attractive.

12. I've always wanted to live in a big city. Salt Lake City is good for now, but I'm talking about places like Seattle or San Francisco or D.C. or Chicago or New York City...etc. Though my little hometown will always have my heart, I am such a city girl. I love the energy, the architecture, the skylines, the people, everything about a big city.

13. Speaking of living in Salt Lake City, one of my favorite things to do is drive through the city on a warm Spring day with the windows down and do some sightseeing, smelling, and experiencing everything in the city.

14. And one day, I will go to New York City. If I could only do five things while I was there, here's the list that would make me completely content: Manhattan Temple, Tiffany's, Serendipity's, Central Park and A Broadway Play (Wicked, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera...any of them and I would be one happy girl).

15. If I could live off of one type of food, it would either be seafood (like Market Street...mmmm)...or Mexican food...(like Blue Iguana (The Speakeasy)...mmmm).

16. But probably my favorite restaurant would be The Dodo Restaurant (Mmmm Tollhouse Pie).

With Sarah at The Dodo

17. I have been drinking soy milk as of late and it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

18. I am an incurable chocoholic. I seriously can't resist chocolate.

Schmo Fest at Girls Camp 2009

19. Ummmm, I think it's safe to say that I really really really love food.

20. And...since I love food, I love to/have to love to exercise. I really want to do the Midnight 5K in St. George at the end of May and I made the executive decision that I am going to run in a Half Marathon this fall. It's going to happen as soon as I just pick one out.

21. I am extremely passionate about basketball. It is my favorite sport, no questions asked. I love playing it and watching it. A dream of mine would be to go to a March Madness game...any game from the Sweet Sixteen on to the Final Championship would be the best.

22. I love serving and helping others. One day, I really want to go on a humanitarian aid trip to a country in Central America, South America, or Africa.

23. I love the mountains and hiking in them. That is one thing I will miss if I live in a far off city--seeing the mountains. They are absolutely breathtaking no matter what season it is.

24. Water preferences in order from greatest to least: Dasani, Aquafina, French Water (Preferably With No Bubbles), Swiss Water, and then Tap Water. Watch the entire clip and you will understand this...

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25. Once my friends and I start quoting movies like the one above, I laugh so hard that sound just doesn't come out anymore. I absolutely love to laugh and laughing is the best part of every day!

With My Sister and Cousin 2007

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. 
-e.e. cummings 

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