Since Seven,

To escape the uncomfortably warm summer days, we'd retreat to the cool, dark basement. 
On this particular occasion, my dad was out of town. 
It was a girls day with just us three girls-me, my baby sister, and my mom. 
I can still remember putting together my plastic Beauty and The Beast tent 
and gathering blankets and pillows to fill it. 
We filled our metal bowls with freshly popped popcorn and drizzled some butter on the top. 
My mom put in the movie and being seven years old, 
it's natural to rather watch Disney movies or cartoons over some silly romantical movie. 
But from the start of the opening credits with the stars appearing 
and the United States lighting up slowly as the sun rose, 
I was captivated.
I loved the dialogue (even if I didn't understand all of it), the story, the characters, everything about it.
By the end, this movie was the start of me crying over movies, because I loved it so much.

And I still absolutely love it.

One of my absolute favorites of all time.

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