I am such a Gleek.

When I heard about Glee last year about this time, I thought that I would enjoy it. 
But like all other prime-time TV, I thought I wouldn't have time or want to watch it. 


I have watched every episode of Glee.

Side Note: That's really saying something because I never watch TV unless it's sports, news or HGTV. 
No, I have never watched American Idol, The Office, Gossip Girl, or the other countless popular TV shows.

 Either the night it comes out or within 24 hours on Hulu, 
I look forward to watching it with my roommates and floormates.

I'm completely amazed at how each episode ceases to amaze me.
The incredible singing and dancing and (sometimes) acting talent I admire.
The whole spectrum of emotions I feel within and after an episode.
The complicated plot that I can hardly ever predict.
The unexpected lines and quips (especially from Sue Sylvester and Brittany) 
I can't help but cracking up at.

The Madonna episode last week just wasn't up to snuff for me and I was disappointed. 
Maybe because I'm not really a Madonna fan and mostly because of the content. 
But this week's episode brought me to tears on multiple occasions 
(and many other episodes have had the same effect). 
It was really powerful and heart-wrenching...
or maybe I'm just sleep deprived

Just listen to these songs...

Side Note: This is usually a song that my friends and I make fun of, but within the context of this episode, 
I couldn't help but cry.

If you haven't started watching Glee yet, 
this is the one and only time I will tell you to follow the crowd 
and join the 8 million (more or less) viewers every week. 
You will not be disappointed.


  1. Glad to have found a fellow Gleek! When they took a break I watched all the episodes on Hulu and then could not wait for the show to come back.

    The Madonna episode was AMAZING.

  2. Glee is awesome!!! But you have to give Gossip Girl a try... trust me, it's amazing. I like it a million more times than any show I've ever watched. I also have an unhealthy obsession with The Hills. It makes me want to move to Hollywood so bad!! haha wow, I need a life.


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