I am waiting for a reality that will forever remain a dream.

We were walking. 
I felt a strain between us
and I didn't know why. 
I kept talking to you as 
if nothing was the matter.
I told you about my life
since we'd last talked.
School, sorority, church, family,
You told me everything too.
School, soccer, church, family,
We walked and walked.
Until finally you stopped
and grabbed my wrist 
to prevent me from walking any further.
I stumbled back and fell into you. 
Flustered, I tried to keep walking, 
but I was grounded,
searching your eyes.
With that signature 
look on your face, 
you said, 
"I still have feelings for you 
and I can't hold them back any longer."
I was surprised.
I didn't know what to feel.
I wanted to see the reaction on my face.
But I didn't,
because I woke up.
I am waiting for a reality that will 
forever remain a dream.
It's exhausting.
So, once again, I'm going 
to get under the covers 
and turn out the lights. 
See you again in my dreams? 
See you again in reality?
My mind blurs the line between the two.

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