"Go ahead, call me irresponsible. Yes I'm unreliable, but it's undeniable true that I'm irresponsibly mad for you...you know it's true. Oh baby it's true." -Michael Buble

Wednesday night, I saw possibly the best performance I will ever see in my lifetime. 
Unless I go see another concert of the one and only Michael Bublé.
It honestly was the most incredible concert ever.

Fabulous music

The opening group was Naturally 7 from Harlem, New York
 and they were an incredible acapella group. 
I love their song "Wall of Sound"

I get chills thinking about when he finally came out. These semi transparent curtains were down and all you could see were the silhouettes of the band and Michael Bublé conducting them. 

The intro to "Cry Me A River" was playing and then as he began his first note,
 the curtains pulled back and I almost died. 

From there on, I was mesmerized. He sang a good mix of his new and old stuff and even threw in a couple songs that I had never heard him sing like, "Billie Jean", "Twist & Shout", "The Best of Me", and a few others. He was so amazing live. I was moved to tears, I laughed A LOT (He has a great personality and sense of humor, minus his off-color jokes and scattered profanity), and I enjoyed every minute of it.

A great crowd 
Honestly the crowd was the best crowd you could have at the concert. At least from where I was sitting. No weird, annoying people. No drunk people having a good time and causing a scene. You could tell that everyone was there to just enjoy Michael BubléThen when he walked through the floor crowd to get to the other stage, I was a little afraid for his safety. But he made it to the other stage with no problem and he was about 100 feet away from me....ahhh!

Being with family and friends
The only thing that could've made this night better  would've been to meet Michael Bublé. Just kidding, although that would've been amazing. Truly the only thing that could've made the night better would've been to have my dad there. We got the Christmas present and we were all so excited to go. Then when my dad found out a couple weeks ago that he would be in Ohio for a business trip on the night of the concert, we were so sad. He tried his hardest to try and move meetings around or get an earlier flight. But he wasn't able to be there and he was missed. I saw my friend from high school, Steph, there and it was so fun to get T-shirts, catch up and talk to her about how attractive Michael was, what a fabulous concert we'd just seen, and hear about all the fun things she is doing right now.

(Grandma & Grandpa Ekblad came with us, Mom is taking the picture.)

So if you ever get the chance to see Michael Bublé, take it. Don't even think about it. 
Go and you will never regret it. 

And take lots of pictures and video like I did...130 pictures and video combined to be exact. They aren't the best of quality, but here are some more of my favorites and if I can get some videos on here later, I will. Just like the shirt I bought and proudly wore yesterday says, 

I love Michael Bublé.

And I think I always will.

(So dreamy)

(Cool stage, eh?)

(Probably my favorite picture)

(Look at how packed it was!)

(Just before he sang MY song...Haven't Met You Yet)

Thank you for a fabulous and unforgettable night, Michael!!!


  1. Love your post! I miss him already...*sigh*

  2. That's so awesome you got to go. I love Michael Buble. The girls and I listen to his "Just haven't Met You Yet" almost every day. I read a newspaper article saying that the opening act kind of overshadowed Michael Buble, but I have a hard time believing that.


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