Concert Videos

Here are just a few of the Michael Bublé concert videos!

Sorry for the poor quality and speeding up when it zooms in and out.

I'm still figuring out camera settings and I'm kind of in want of a better camera...ahem. 

BUT I'm so glad I have these videos. 

I've been watching them over and over again and I just want to see him again! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

At this point, he was about 100 feet away. 
He was singing the lyrics to a bunch of other songs and then started singing Home.

This was his finale song and after the solo in the crowd, it came back to him. 
His mic was off and his voice still filled the stadium. 
I was astounded, filled with emotion, and completely amazed. 
Isn't it incredible?!

Also, please excuse my yell and cry singing as well as the sporadic screaming...
I couldn't help myself!

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