Wednesday Night and Someday...

We all sat at the piano playing Primary Songs and singing together.
We watched a Disney movie and assigned ourselves as the different characters. 
We played make-believe restaurant in the playroom.
We made a huge tent filled with blankets and pillows.
We threw popcorn in the air and tried to catch it in our mouths.
We blew bubbles with gum, my failed attempts drew roaring laughter. 
We had tickle fights and they haven't found my most ticklish spot...yet.
We spun around in circles until we were too dizzy to stand.

Wednesday night was one of those many nights that made me excited 
to be a mom someday far in the future and be able to do these things with my kids.

Speaking of my future kids: As we watched The Princess and The Frog tonight, I thought of names I loved. The other night when we watched it for family night I decided I loved the name Tiana and honestly want to name one of my daughters Tiana. So here are the names I was thinking about tonight.

Boy names I love: Graham, Ethan, Matthew,
Adam, Connor, Carter, Thomas, Stephen, Benson, Andrew, Beckham

Girl names I love: Tiana, Sophia, Lucy, Megan, Nicole,
Grace, Emma, Blaire, Claire, Adrianna, Paige, Bianca, Ava

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