Time Flies By When You're Having Fun.

And time especially flies when it's Spring Break!!!
The week was fun, but I blinked and it was over. 

Some highlights...

Going to get New Moon at midnight and sleepover with my friends
I know, I know. It sounds pretty lame! But so many funny people were at Wal-Mart! Some people dressed up too, can you say YIKES!? Just wish Allie would've been there! We just had too much fun taking pictures...here is just a sampling.  PS: I still haven't even seen New Moon all the way through without falling asleep. Trust me, I tried watching it a million times and could never make it without drifting off. Wonder what that says about the movie? Or maybe it's just me...

(JaNae and I have too many of these pictures. 
Sorry for the nightmares they'll give you!)
(Remind us why we did this again?)

Hanging out with the family!
Whether it was watching movies, driving to Santequin and surrounding towns (aka Middle-of-Nowhere, Utah), going to lunch, or doing odd jobs around the house, we know how to have some laughs and fun!

Started reading this book...
A couple weeks ago, I won a giveaway on this lovely lady's blog (start following it if you aren't already, I'm addicted to it!) and she sent me this book. I have enjoyed reading it and started to implement the ideas in it. I already notice a difference (I'll blog about it more another time).
 Thanks, Lindsay!  You are awesome!!

Babysitting these guys a few times
Love them! How could you not?!

Thomas' Basketball Game
 (even if I was late and I only saw the last three minutes of it).
 It was his playoff game and they were so close to making it to the championship. Though they didn't win, he was fine with it because he was voted MVP and All-Star. He's going to be playing in an All-Star Competition Game sometime in April. We all went to Cold Stone to celebrate and it was so fun! 
He is an incredible player! Love you, Thomas!

Going to get pedicures with Mom and Hope
We went to a place by Dick's Market and it was fun to just be pampered for a little bit. I had my first pedicure on my eighteenth birthday (probably one of my absolute favorite birthdays!) and I hadn't gone again until Friday. It was fun and I love the flowers on them...they remind me that summer really is coming soon whether Utah weather is ready or not!

An Unplanned Gerard Butler Weekend
My wonderful PSI sister and friend, Julia, and I went to Bounty Hunter at the Gateway on Friday night. I enjoyed seeing it, especially Gerard Butler. And it was just fun to get out and do something. After the movie, we went to this cool yogurt place at the Gateway, got some frozen yogurt, and talked for a while. I love that girl! Then Saturday night after a really long day, I realized I had rented P.S. I Love You on iTunes and it was about to expire. So I curled up, watched it for the first time, cried, and loved it.

So it wasn't super exciting, but I had a nice and relaxing break that flew by and should've been longer.

I loved driving into Salt Lake last night and seeing the city I love...

but when I woke up this morning, I felt like this...

But when Rosie finally got back, I was so happy and we opened her birthday presents!

And it's always a better day when you get mail...Love ya, Allie!

AND...I have this on Wednesday!

I can't wait!!!

Well, that's a long photo update (I should stop doing that),
but I sincerely hope that whoever reads this is having a fabulous day!!!

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  1. Catherine! Sounds like you had a blast:) I LOVE P.S. I love you. I cry everytime...It's my favorite movie! I need to get in touch with you tonight to see where you're sitting. I can't wait!!! I am going by myself...but if you're close, I'd love to say hi! Maybe take some pictures at the end?? email me @ steph.romney@gmail.com if you get this in time...and I'll send you my cell!


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