These minor variations are not considered defects.

When I was fourteen, my family received a very nice crystal candy dish from my Great Grandma Jane. At the bottom of the box, there was a note that came with the dish. I read this note a couple of times and the message was exactly what I needed to hear. My parents almost threw away this paper with the box, but I saved it and it's been by the light switch in my room ever since.

Please be aware that even in the finest crystal, slight variations in clarity can occur. Small bubbles, shear marks and flow lines are inevitable in blown and molded crystal, because each piece is the product of personal craftsmanship. These minor variations are not considered defects.

I was reminded of this several times this week. In Institute and Lydia's Religion Class at BYU, we've talked about Christ's Sermon on the Mount and Sermon at the Temple (Matthew 5-7 and 3 Nephi 12-16). In it, we talked about the scripture, "Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect" (3 Nephi 12:48).

I loved what both teachers said about this. The commandment to be perfect does not mean to be without fault. Being perfect is a destination. A goal. A path we strive towards. Perfection is something we are working towards. It does not mean we are to be without fault. Perfection is a pending process.

While I was at the Provo Temple with my friends, Dan, Brae, and David, I thought about the paper with the crystal dish again. As I sat there waiting to be baptized, I thought about so many different things that have shaped my life. 

My family, all of my friends, worthy priesthood holders like the boys I was with Friday morning, Temple trips with revelations and insights, education, and my knowledge of God and the Gospel. 

I had been having a really hard week, feeling very inadequate, and forgetting to count my blessings. But these small reminders of what perfection truly is in those classes and at the Temple helped me realize that it is okay to have small bubbles and shear marks. Not every moment is going to be seen in true clarity and our perspective in life will vary in the good and bad times. Every life experience is a molding process and God is the craftsman in our lives. He knows us personally, loves us for our imperfections and helps us overcome them. Even in the finest of people, imperfections do occur. But it is important to remember that they are not considered defects. Perfection is a process just as blowing and molding crystal . It's a path we are on and a destination we seek.

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