Standing in the Waves

San Diego 1997
One of my absolute favorite pictures

My feet sink into the cold wet sand.
I stand at the edge.
Gulls cry out, but the sound is drowned out.
I'm laughing and watching
the waves roll onto the sand.
It's exhilarating.
I get caught up in this moment.
It's a feeling never to be forgotten.
I finally run out into the waves.
My dad watches me, smiling.
The waves are stronger than I imagined.
It's a struggle to stand.
I start to worry about
falling and getting soaked,
but I'm able to hold my ground.
I look back and smile at my dad.
I know that I will be okay
now and always under
His watchful care.

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  1. That is an awesome photo! I'm trying to get my Father to scan more of his old photos so I can see them even though we're across the continent.


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