Spring Break, Cousins, Summer.... All of These Need To Be Here Soon.

When my cousin, Brooke, and her family in Virginia come out to Utah this summer, 
Brooke, Hope and I are going to see this at midnight. I can't wait!!!
But what am I more excited about?
Seeing my cousins and family! 

(This was from the last time they came to visit Utah. 
We all look so YOUNG, so you know it's been way too long!!!)

I miss them SO much 
I can hardly stand it sometimes.
It's really hard to go to family parties with out them,
to not be able to go to their house to play, and to not be able talk to all the time.
Thank goodness for technology like Skype, Facebook, email and cell phones though!
Summer needs to begin already!
My brain is fried from studying...Spring Break starting next Friday will be 
All of you at Utah State and Weber, I hope you have a fun and safe Spring Break! 
And all of you at BYU...oh yeah, you don't get a Spring Break...
Heh heh heh.

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  1. The BYU students are going to be mad Cpup!


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