My FAVORITE time of year: MARCH MADNESS!!!!

Remember how much I love basketball?
Well, I probably love it a little too much.

In my humble opinion, college sports are the only sports to watch, because plain and simple, you know these players are playing simply for the love of the game and not for the love of the paycheck. I love the intensity of these games. The upsets, the players that you know are going to pull through for you. The bracketology and the competitions in my family.

In Jr. High, I would bring a little radio and headphones to class 
then let my hair down and wear a hoodie to cover it up. 
Yes, I was a freak.

In high school, I loved my calculus teacher's classroom during junior year 
and the library was one of my main hangouts at lunch during March and April of all three years. 

So now that I'm in college, here I sit in Nutrition...

whisper yelling at my computer (especially about that darn BYU game) 
and looking like a complete fool.

But I honestly could care less. 

I live for March Madness. 
March and April have to be my most favorite time of the year. 
The first signs of Spring and sunshine start to come back into my life 
and so does March Madness.

Did I mention how much I love basketball and March Madness? 

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