Attitude of Gratitude

I feel it's time to update a little bit.

Okay...a lotta bit.

While I was sitting in Nutrition on Thursday, watching basketball, semi-taking notes, and counting the minutes to the end of class/beginning of Spring Break, it hit me really hard that despite my "mostly cloudy with a few showers" life outlook for the past three weeks, they have not been terribly bad weeks. My attitude and outlook should be one of optimism and gratitude, since I've actually had so many tender mercies and little blessings in the past two-ish weeks. I know that someone is looking out for me and I've felt so loved.

Two weeks ago-ish, I spent about 28 hours in the library and review sessions from Monday to Wednesday. I was studying my brains and guts out for my Anatomy Test on that Thursday. I came out of the test feeling that no matter how the score came back, I had tried my very best. My brain was mush after that and I needed a break, so I drove to Provo to spend the night with Lydia. I needed a girls night due to some events that occurred during the week other than studying. While I was there, I attended her religion class, we had dinner at Cafe Rio, and then I was able to visit some of my high school friends: Dan, Bryce, David and Brae. David and Brae had come down to visit Dan and Bryce before they left on their missions last week. It was so fun to be with them, while we cooked and talked. They really are great friends and know how to make a girl feel loved and appreciated. After visiting them and coming back to Lydia's at 12:40 (BYU curfew is 12...I'm such a rebel.), we talked, had ice cream, and watched P.S. I Love You, which I have never seen and still have never seen due to the fact that I fell asleep within 5 minutes. The next morning, I was able to go to the Provo Temple with Dan, David, and Brae. It was a wonderful experience, although it was a little crazy to me that David and Brae could confirm me and David could baptize me.

When I was in high school, it felt like the boys wouldn't be going on their missions for a long time. However, time flew by as it always does and so many are gone or getting ready to leave. I am so grateful for the worthy priesthood holders and great examples these guy friends are to me!

Lydia and I drove back up to Centerville after I had my first fast food burger at In-N-Out...yes that's right...my first fast food burger. It was so fun to talk to her on the drive home and catch up. I love my Lydz! The Fabulous Five hung out both Friday and the next night before and after our high school's musical, CATS. It was an incredible production and though the plot is somewhat lacking, the costumes, music, talent, set, and everything is Broadway worthy. Ms. M (the choir teacher) never fails to impress. The talent was fabulous, especially Haley Beckstrand, Chase Petersen and Kyle Lemperle (loved him in the play...WOW...he was an oddly attractive cat) to name a few. Being able to see the talent in the musical is something I was truly grateful for as well as the reunion with my best friends.

I came back up to school Sunday night and talked to my Rosie girl for a long time about everything. I love Rosie so much and she does so much for me. She knows exactly when I need my space, a shoulder to cry on, and a good laugh. I am so grateful I have gotten to know her and have her as a roommate.

Monday consisted of me studying and doing more homework. I took a break for dinner and some grocery shopping with Sarah. She ended up paying for my Costa Vida, which was unnecessary, yet extremely kind, and it was fun to talk to her. I didn't get to study as much as I would've liked for my lab exam and Nutrition exam, because I fell asleep. Yes, daylight savings got a hold of me and I woke up around midnight with my books and papers strewn all around me. I got up, put it all in my backpack, and climbed in bed.

The next morning, I woke up rested and freaking out for my tests. I took notes bleary eyed at my anatomy lecture and at the end of class, we got our tests back. That somewhat ruined my day and I wasn't in the best of spirits for the rest of the day. I did better than I did on the last one, but it still wasn't what I wanted to get on it. But I knew I tried my hardest and that's all I could ask for. The tests in Nutrition and Anatomy Lab were pretty good, although I'm nervous to see what I got on them. When I came back from Anatomy Lab around 5:30, I sat on my bed to decompress for a while. Of course I grabbed my computer and got on to read some blogs, look at Facebook, check email, etc. When I saw this, I completely lost it. It was the breaking point. All I wanted at that moment were my best friends and I know it sounds really lame, especially since I'd just seen all of them over the weekend. But sometimes, a girl just really needs her friends to talk to.

As I was in the middle of my crying/pity party, I got a knock on my door. Sarah came over and said, "We're going to see a movie and get Crown Burger shakes, okay?" I didn't even think twice. I grabbed my keys, wallet, and left with her. We saw Remember Me with Robert Pattinson and it was better than I expected it to be. I went in with very low expectations and a bad mood, and came out of it thinking it was pretty good and my mood had significantly improved. I came back to the dorms with one of my absolute favorite foods in the world...a chocolate Crown Burger shake...and then I lost it again.

I called JaNae and talked to her for a really long time about everything. I'm not really sure what I would do without wonderful friends and adopted roommates. I am eternally grateful for the incredible people in my life. I am surrounded by fabulous people...my family, my friends, my roommates, the people in my classes, my sorority sisters. So many wonderful people who continually bless my life.

Wednesday started off so much better than Tuesday and after classes, I called to talk to Allie, who was home for Spring Break and making headbands at the time... "Allie, so gourmet!"...to get an update on her week. Then I talked to JaNae. I told her about my insane cravings of the day...one of them being my favorite restaurant, The Blue Iguana. Then she told me she was taking me out to dinner and she'd be there in a half hour. I went outside to do some reading and I got some sun (now the question is will it become a tan?). Then JaNae AND Allie showed up! Allie got to see my apartment and we went to dinner. The Blue Iguana looks a little divvy when you first see it, but in my opinion, it is some of the best and most authentic Mexican Food you will ever have. I love it so much! It was such a blessing to have two of my dearest and best friends with me there and to catch up with them. AND it was so generous of their time to come to Salt Lake City to go out with me for a little while.
After they dropped me back off at my dorm, I got a text from my cousin Angie. She was taking a chemistry test in the HBE Chemistry Building on the U of U Campus...the exact same one that I took as an AP Chemistry student last year...and boy, let me tell you it was hard. I told her good luck and to call me after she was done with it. She called me and told me about it an hour later, then said she was just waiting for her dad to come from the hospital to get her. I told her that I was two minutes away from where she was and I would just come get her and take her back to the hospital (Her mom had a baby the day before, my newest little cousin- J.R.!!!). When I picked her up, I started to head back up the hill to the University Hospital. But then she reminded me that her mom was at St. Mark's which was clear out on 39th South. It was so fun to catch up with her and see her.  I took her to get some ice cream at Cold Stone, then we drove over to the hospital. I was able to go up and hold J.R. while I talked to Angie and her family. It was so neat to hold this precious little boy. I was grateful for that experience and the reminder that family really does come first over everything else.

As I mentioned earlier, Thursday went by pretty fast and it was fun to be able to watch March Madness during class. I came back up to the dorms and had my Blue Iguana leftovers while I watched more March Madness, packed up for Spring Break, took everything out to my car, and then headed to the Institute for Sorority. I am so grateful for my sorority sisters, especially this girl. I absolutely love Julia and I'm so glad I have gotten to know her. We both were so excited for Spring Break that we ended up leaving early from the exchange...a luau with one of the fraternities that didn't really have any potential. I drove directly home and it was a fabulous drive. Salt Lake City looked absolutely gorgeous that night, but I was so excited to see my little hometown. I had the biggest grin on my face when I walked into my house. I loved sleeping in my own bed. It was so wonderful. I am so grateful for my silly, crazy, amazing, wonderful family and a nice house to come home to.

On Friday morning, I got my haircut. Nothing too drastic, but I am thinking of getting bangs next time. What are your thoughts on that and what kind of bangs? Then my sister and I bought "The Princess and the Frog" and some girl scout cookies...awww yeah! We had Tony Burgers for dinner and I took my sister to a party, then I watched The Princess and The Frog with my brother. That movie is definitely on my absolute favorite movie list (still working on that). The Fab Five was together again Friday night, then we decided to go to Walmart to get "New Moon" and have a sleepover. We definitely could've gotten some peopleofwalmart.com pictures at that event, but then again, we probably could've been in some of those pictures.

On Saturday, my family and I drove to Santequin. Why? Still not sure. That town has a population of about 20.

We had lunch at a family diner, which was pretty delicious...they had scones the size of my forearm!

Then we drove out into even smaller towns and around the other, unpopulated side of Utah Lake. It was pretty exciting...let me tell ya. We actually had a lot of laughs and it made me grateful that I can be so goofy around my family. 

Nothing else too exciting has happened over the break yet, but I have some really fun plans for the next couple days (I promise I'll keep ya updated better and I won't just unload everything from the past two weeks on you like this again!). I've applied for some jobs at the hospitals and clinics, but there is a hiring freeze at most places, so hopefully something will come through soon! We watched The Princess and The Frog for Family Home Evening and I love it so much (I decided tonight that I want to name one of my daughters Tiana!).

Before we watched the movie tonight though, I taught the lesson about working hard and learning from failures of yourself and others. You can't just wish on a star and expect all of your dreams to come true. You have to put forth the effort. Then my mom talked about being the most positive person you know. So now my goal is to work harder at being more optimistic, grateful, and hard-working! I just needed some great family, friends, roommates, and experiences to remind me of how blessed and lucky I am. I truly do have an attitude of gratitude for everything I have.

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  1. Oh my goodness Catherine I love you more than a fat man loves cake! And you know, besides being an Obama fan like myself, you also love Princess and the Frog which is probably my all time favorite movie eveeer! It's a sign, don't you think? We are so stinking cool I can't even begin to describe it! I have decided that we need to play ASAP!!! And we can relish in our complete and total awesomeness together :] Love ya girlie!!!


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