Valentine's Day Weekend Essentials

Here are just a few of the things that I simply love about one of my absolute favorite holidays...

Sweet Home Alabama
When I was twelve, I came home from a friend's birthday party early. It had been a rough evening and just happened to be Valentine's Day. My mom had gotten this movie from her dear friend for her birthday, so we decided to watch it and ever since, I have watched it around Valentine's Day every year. I absolutely love this movie. I love the line, "You're the first boy I ever kissed and I want you to be the last." I want to be able to say that to my husband someday. Or at least, "What do you want to marry me for anyhow?" and he can say..."So I can kiss you anytime I want."

Dove Chocolate Hearts
Who doesn't love chocolate? Seriously though. I LOVE CHOCOLATE and I love these in both milk and dark chocolate. The promises that wrap the chocolates are so much better than the messages on the yucky candy hearts...because, honestly, no one owns a fax machine. Although, Rosie bought some of these candy hearts and found one that said, "Tweet me." So I guess they're getting more technologically advanced. But honestly, I couldn't have Valentine's Day without these hearts. They are SO delicious. This year,  I've been slightly disappointed though. Now the Dove Promises have changed into Martha Stewart Valentine's Day Tips. Quite frankly,  I don't have time to "glue silk petals on a jar to create a vase" or "make a Valentine's arrangement with a floral-foam heart form",  Martha, but thanks for those tips.

Valentine's Socks
Every year, "someone" (aka my dad) doorbell ditches our house on Valentine's Day and leaves little packages. Inside, we have some kind of goody, usually Grandma's Double Chocolate Cookies, and Valentine's Socks. They. Are. My. Favorite.  Ever. I wear all of my Valentine's Socks year round. They are so cute and always remind me that I am loved.

Though I personally have never received any flowers on Valentine's Day,  my dad ALWAYS gets my mom flowers on her birthday and Valentine's Day. I came home last night and our house is filled with vases of flowers right now. I love having flowers in the house. It just brightens up everything. So if you don't have any flowers around right now, I suggest that you go splurge on flowers, even if it's just carnations, or make your boyfriend get you some, girls. You won't be sorry and your house will be noticeably more cheery.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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