The Shoe Fit

This is a story I wrote for my writing class last semester. We had three personal writing choices during the semester on which we could write anything as long as it was original and creative. I had so much fun writing this one, so here it is...


Connection: May 12

She: I’m at the end of my rope.  I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. At least all of my A.P. Tests are over. One more thing I can cross off my list. I’m free after the concert tonight and concert choir tryouts tomorrow. I’m so incredibly sick of everyone in this high school, especially Hyrum and all of his cronies. He thinks he’s so great and they think he’s so great. He’s not. Where are my friends? They were supposed to meet me here five minutes ago to go out to lunch. Wendy’s or Keva Juice? Anything but glazed donuts. They have fed me so many these past two weeks of testing and test breaks. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a glazed donut again.

She looked up from her phone after she impatiently texted her friend. Big golden brown eyes met hers. She had seen him before and knew of him, but they had never spoken. She felt a thrill of electricity go up and down her spine. There was a connection.

“Hi,” he said in a smooth voice. Her heart skipped a beat and she coyly smiled and returned with a “Hello.” He kept walking and her friends came up. She was speechless, but soon forgot the moment and remembered her hunger.

He: I hope my test went well today. It’s so rainy. It’s going to make for a great practice. I can’t believe soccer finals are next week. Hopefully I’ll get to start in one of the games. So hungry. Why are these girls going to lunch with us? They’re so obnoxious and fake. I know that they think I’m hot and Brad thinks they are cute, but I hope they know I’m not interested.

He glanced around looking for anyone else to take him away from the chatter. He saw a girl standing by the staircase. He had noticed her in the halls before. She looked sad and seemed to be searching for someone.

He: She has something different about her. She is probably too good for me. But saying “Hi” won’t hurt anything. If she looks up, I’ll maybe say hi.

Her clear green eyes met his as if she had heard his thoughts. He felt somehow drawn to her.

He said, “Hi,” expecting her to look away, but she looked back at him shyly and said, “Hello.”

He felt a sudden thrill of electricity run through him. It was the same adrenaline he felt when he scored a goal. But it soon died down and was stored in the back of his mind as he tried to understand the pointless chattering of the girls.

Chance: August 25

She: Summer was too short, especially with my surgery and the recovery. I feel like everything rushed past me and nothing exciting happened. The first day of school is always so tedious. The first week of school is so tedious. I wish I could skip it and get to the part where we actually learn. This class is so easy it’s almost painful.

He: This class is going to be hard. Homework assigned on the first day? Ridiculous. Why did I take this class? To get one step closer to being a doctor someday. Someday in a zillion years. I’m not even sure if that’s what I want to do. Maybe I’ll get out of this class. But maybe it’ll be worth it in the end.

She was chatting with Samantha and Catie after the teacher finished the lecture. They talked about their summers, but she didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation, other than her family’s trip to Boise before school started. She didn’t mention to them the possibility of moving there for her dad’s work and the reason for the trip—to look for houses. She tried to act interested in what they were saying. Her mind drifted, but suddenly focused on a boy in a turquoise shirt. It was her favorite color of blue and stuck out in contrast to the nerdy polo and khaki attire of the other boys. He was resting his head on his desk.

She: I wouldn’t blame him if he fell asleep today. It was extremely boring and long. Who is that?

He: It’s too noisy in here to fall asleep. I’ll sleep well tonight. Practice is going to be brutal today. Why can’t they take it easy on us on the first day of school? Do I even know anyone in this class? It’ll be awful if I don’t know anyone other than my neighbor Jacob. He’s smart, but so weird.

He suddenly snapped up from his uncomfortable semi-slumber and looked around. He noticed Dave, the student body president, and Catie, another student body officer. And a girl behind Catie.

He: It’s that girl.

She returned to the conversation, but noticed out of the corner of her eye that the boy in the turquoise was looking at her. Staring at her.

She: It’s him. I can’t believe he’s in my class. What are the chances?

The bell rang and they both thought about each other for all of the five minutes between classes.

Conscious: October 3

She: I should tell him Happy Birthday. Would that be creepy? We’ve at least talked everyday in class and we did test corrections together last week. He made a friend request on Facebook and I added him last night. He wouldn’t do that unless he wanted me to add him. Maybe he is conscious of my existence. He probably didn’t think anything of it though…and I shouldn’t either. It’s so hard to focus. I am not excited for this new chapter on Kinetics. I’m so glad it’s Friday.

He: There’s nothing too special about birthdays. All of the family is coming over…just like any other day, besides the fact that I get to choose what we eat and I get presents. I’m not even that excited. I don’t like a fuss made over me. And I bet those annoying girls are going to try to get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me at lunch or bring me cookies tonight. All nice gestures, but they should realize that I pay less attention to them than I pay attention in this class.

She shifted in her seat in front of him and sighed. Her long, curled hair fell on his desk and he could faintly smell her perfume.

He:  I don’t know if that’s her perfume or hairspray, but it smells good. I’m glad she sits in front of me and not someone like Derek. He smells awful, like he lives in the guys’ locker room. And I know for a fact he doesn’t. I really like her. She doesn’t even come close to being annoying. She’s so nice and smart. I wish I could focus and do as well as she does in this class.

The teacher finished the lecture and five minutes of the class remained. This was his cue to put his head on his desk. But she turned around before he could put his head down.

“Hey, Happy Birthday!” she said to him.

“Thanks, how did you know?” he replied with a smile.

“Facebook?” she said, slightly blushing.

She: Guilty. So embarrassing. I need to hurry and do something before he can start thinking I’m some kind of a stalker or freak.

“Hey everyone, it’s his birthday! Let’s sing to him!” she announced to the class.
The over-enthusiastic and pitchy happy birthday singing began and he started laughing.

He: The fuss is embarrassing, but she’s not doing this to try to impress me like the other girls would.

After the song was over, he thanked everyone and she smiled and asked, “Do you have any fun plans for tonight?”

“Not right now, just doing stuff with my family,” he replied.

The bell rang and she got up quickly to leave, but turned to him to say, “I hope you have a great day! See you Monday!”

“Thank you,” he called out after her.

He: I can’t believe she is conscious of me.

Call: November 8

She: Why is everyone already asking to the Christmas Dance? It’s just barely November. All of the guys I would want to go with have already been asked. Girls are so dumb. Why does asking to a dance have to be so elaborate? I want to go to the Christmas dance, but I don’t want to ask this early. But I guess I’m going to have to ask sooner than later.

Her mom thumbed through her student directory and yearbook, shouting names of guys to her and asking if she wanted her to call to see if they had been asked.

“What about him?” her mom said, pointing to his picture. “Don’t you have AP Chemistry together?”

Her heart skipped a beat and a lump formed in her throat.

She: He would never go with me. Sure, we talk a lot in class and we are lab partners…but…

“He’s probably been asked,” she casually replied.

“Well, let’s check before we cross him off the list,” her mom said back.

Her mom dialed the phone number and walked into the other room. She followed her, anxiously hoping that they didn’t answer.
But someone did pick up and her mom started talking to his dad.

“I was calling to see if he has been asked to the Christmas dance.”

On the other end of the line, his dad asked him if he had been asked yet.

He: Oh brother, are girls really asking this early? I hope it’s not Jess or Amie or Roxy…I’d rather not go. Plenty of guys would go with them, I don’t want to though.

He reluctantly replied, “No, I haven’t.”

His dad conveyed the message to the woman on the other end of the line and hung up.

Her mom put down the phone and excitedly told her about the conversation. Her mom started to make plans and told her that it would be good for her to ask him.

She: I wish I could just walk up to him and ask him. This will probably impress his mom and sister, but he’s not going to appreciate this or think it’s cute. He’ll just eat the candy. I’m not going to hide my name in a candy wrapper or anything like that. I hate it when people make this whole thing even more complicated than it should be.

She put her coat on and her mom pulled out the car. His house was easy to find. Her mom parked around the corner and she planned out how she would run up to the door.  She jumped out of the car and stealthily ran to the door.

She: I’m so nervous, I’m so nervous. My stomach is in knots. This was a bad idea. But if I just ring the doorbell, I won’t have to worry about it anymore. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and some ice cream is in order after this.

She placed the bag on the porch and sprinted back to the car as fast as she could. They drove away as fast as possible and hoped for the best.

He: Oh no, the doorbell. I wonder who it’s going to be.

His mom brought a decorated gift bag to him that was left on the door. Inside, there were candy bars and a fancy note addressed to him, saying, “It would be wonderful if you were ‘present’ with me at the Christmas Dance.” He couldn’t believe the name he saw at the end of the note.

His mom asked him who she was and he immediately told her everything about the girl in his AP Chemistry class. His family was as thrilled as he was.

He: She asked me! I can’t believe it! This is so much better than I thought and I’m actually excited to go with her.

Chemistry: November 3

He: There she is.

He walked faster to catch up and called her name. She stopped and turned around, flashing a big smile toward him.

She: Oh no…what am I going to say? I hope this doesn’t make anything awkward.

“So someone delivered the best present to me on Saturday night,” he said to her with a big grin.

Her heart leapt.

“Oh really and what was that?” she smirked.

“Having the chance to go with you to the Christmas Dance,” he replied.

He: That was pretty corny, but it’s true. It’s the best news I’ve heard in weeks, besides not completely failing the chemistry test last week. But that was because of her, too.

“What else did you do this weekend?” he asked.

She: Oh I just I saw Twilight with my friends. I know, I know it’s so dorky.

“Well, I saw Twilight on Friday,” she responded, starting to blush.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” she said honestly, but trying to sound like it was a joke.

“I liked it too, I saw it with my sister on Saturday,” he said with a laugh, “I know, I know, it’s so dorky.”

They continued to talk and whisper all through class, but there was a noticeable spark between them now.

She: I’m so glad I asked him to the dance. I feel so natural and comfortable when I talk to him.

He: She actually has intelligent and funny things to say. She really has class and isn’t afraid of being herself, something most girls don’t have. I’m the luckiest guy to be going to the dance with her.

Christmas Dance: December 13


She: I’m so nervous. I hope this goes well. I hope his family likes me. Why did this have to be the one day that there’s a blizzard? It’s so cold and I hope they open the door soon.

The door flew open and camera flashes overwhelmed her.

“She’s here!” Jake yelled to everyone in the house as he let her in and took her coat, while playing the role of paparazzi.

He: I can’t wait to see her, but I’m nervous. I don’t want anything to go wrong. I hope she likes my family.
He came out and chastised his older brother for being so obnoxious with the picture taking. His whole family had already started talking to her. She looked over at him.

He: She looks so beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful.

“You look incredible,” he said between the chattering of his family and the camera flashes.

“So do you,” she replied, flashing a smile.

She: He is so handsome. How did I get so lucky? And his family is so nice and absolutely hilarious.

He pulled out her corsage and she pulled out his boutonniere. As custom, she had to go first.

She: This is the worst part of the date. The boys get it easy. All they have to do is slip the corsage on the girl’s wrist. I can never get these stupid things on. And he isn’t wearing a suit jacket, which makes this even more tricky. I’ll just give it to his mom to do.

“I’m sorry, but I’m really bad at this whole boutonniere thing. I don’t want to him to start bleeding when I poke him. Do you mind doing it for me?” she said to his mom.

“Oh certainly,” his mom replied and they all started laughing.

He: I hate this part. It’s so awkward. I wish I could just do it myself.

After that ordeal was over, he slipped the ornate corsage on her delicate wrist and they walked to where the family directed them for pictures, first the fireplace, then the Christmas tree and made all of the ridiculous poses for his family who couldn’t stop laughing.

She: I hope this is the last picture. Every second of the past ten minutes is already documented on camera. We’re going to make our group late for dinner.

He: Jake, stop already! I think we’ve had enough pictures of us smiling in front of the Christmas tree. It’s funny, but people are waiting for us in the driveway.

“Okay, Jake, that’s enough,” he said.

Jake took the last picture, then he wolf-whistled and said, “Well, brother, you got yourself quite the catch here!”

She laughed and blushed. He smiled.

He: I know.

They walked out the door into the storm. His family yelled out the usual, “Be safe! Have a good time!” as they carefully climbed into the car.

She: I hope he will have a good time with me.


She: This has been such a wonderful date. I hope he’s still having fun. I’m tired of playing games. I want to go play on their baby grand. Hopefully no one notices.

She slipped away from the group playing games and eating hot fudge sundaes. She walked into the front room with the piano, straightened her dress, and started playing quietly.

He: Where did she go? Is she the one playing the piano? If so, she’s a lot better than she said she was…of course. I want to go listen. These games are getting boring anyway, how many times can you play Uno in a lifetime?

He walked in and watched her play. 

“Claire de Lune?” he guessed as he sat down to next to her on the bench.

She: Talk about almost having a heart attack. My head is spinning. He smells so good. I hope I don’t make any mistakes.

“Very good, now can you guess this one?” she replied as she started a new song.

They played name that tune for a little longer, then he said, “Can I play you something?”


She: Chopsticks perhaps? He said he wasn’t very good when I asked him about it at dinner.

He: Here goes nothing. I hope I don’t make any mistakes. I want this to be perfect for her.

He started to play and her mouth opened a little bit.

She: Is he playing what I think he’s playing? “Bella’s Lullaby” from Twilight? And memorized? He is so charming. I think I just might faint.

He finished and she watched him in awe.

He finally said, “I knew you loved it, so I learned it for you.”

He: Was it really that bad? I didn’t think it was. Why does she look so surprised?

“I don’t even know what to say, you’ve left me speechless,” she said breathlessly.

He: I’m glad. This has to be the best date I’ve ever had.

They slid off the piano bench and walked over to the couch to sit and talk some more. She could hear the group in the other room say that it was almost time to leave. She sat up to put on her shoes, but he reached out for them before she could. He got down on his knees and motioned for her feet.

She: Am I dreaming? Am I part of some fairy tale? Whatever this is, I hope my big feet don’t ruin it.

He: This is the left shoe, this is the right shoe. I bet she thinks I am so weird for doing this for her, but my sisters told me to help her in any way I could.

Bruce and Marie walked into the room and grabbed their coats. Bruce joked, “Does the shoe fit?”

He finished putting on her shoe and looked up at her. She looked at him. They both smiled and he replied with a laugh,  “Yes.”

She and He: And this…this fits quite nicely.


  1. Awwww... this is so cute! I want to find a guy like that! haha. You are an amazing writer Catherine! Love ya!

  2. Oh goodness, Catherine!! This is beautiful! Being the completely romantic person that I am, this absolutely tugged at my heartstrings. You write so well! Love this. And you!

  3. Hmmm... this story sounds... oddly familiar.

  4. Hahaha, I wonder why... ;) I didn't put in all of the details though.

  5. you. just. gave. me. a. heart. attack. That was BEYOND the CUTEST thing I've ever read. It put a big HUGE smile on my face and made me think of my Prince Charming. love. you.

  6. question, is this a writing class you took at the U? a creative one perhaps? i have been thinking about taking a creative writing class but i'm afraid to go into it blind. your writing is amazing, you know that right? please tell me your majoring in something to do with literature or writing.
    i die reading this. to know that boys are just as aware and in like as girls are with them makes me so happy. and as i thought i would, i'm torn between the two. i sort of love them both and can't wait for either to get home! "he immediately told her everything about the girl in his AP chemistry class. his family was as thrilled as he was." biggest smile on my face right now! note to self: learn to pin those dang boutonniere's for my future children, because heaven knows i never properly learned when i was in high school. “i knew you loved it, so i learned it for you.” I AM DYING! i swear i'm reading a fairytale right now. WHEN DOES THIS BOY GET HOME!?!?!?


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