Love you, Grandpa!

Last Wednesday, my Grandpa Newman peacefully left this Earth to return to his family, Heavenly Father, and his Savior. It came as quite a shock to me, because I didn't really expect it to happen at least for a little while longer. I was really frazzled by the news and the phone call I had made to my dad after I had read and found out about it on Facebook through family, but after I settled down a little bit and had some dinner, I had a really neat experience.

Grandma, Me and Grandpa at my Aunt Karyn's Wedding Reception

We had our dues banquet and membership ceremony last Thursday and as a new member, or pledge, we were asked to participate in a 24 "golden hour" fast for an increase in our lives of one of the four values: Spiritual Strength, Sisterhood, Service, and Scholarship. As I started to fast and pray for spiritual strength, I felt this incredible and overwhelming peace come over me about Grandpa. My testimony was definitely strengthened by this. My knowledge and testimony of the eternal nature of families has helped me so much. I reflected all night and the next day about things I learned from and loved about my grandpa... 

His love for my grandma and our family

His testimony

His humor (he had perfect comedic timing)

His love of the outdoors and physical exercise

His stories

He always had wonderful stories to tell me and though as he got older and repeated many of his stories three or four times, I am so thankful to know these stories and the fact that I can never doubt that he loved me. 

I know we'll see each other again and I can never thank you enough for all you taught me!
I love you, Grandpa! 

Visiting Grandpa Christmas 2009

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