"Get that corn outta my face!"-Nacho Libre

I love this quote! It takes me back to the days of YW basketball.

Actually, it's more like, 
get these Cadbury Eggs outta my face! 
I can't stop eating them!

I've decided, like everyone else, that Spring just needs to come already. 

I thought I could get away with just wearing a cardigan today, 
since it is so sunny and the skies are so blue. 

Nope, I still had to bundle up in a sweater, a peacoat and two pairs of gloves. 

Utah weather, why do you have to be so tricky?

I can't wait for Spring and warm weather!!!


  1. Agreed. I'm done with this poo poo weather.

  2. Ahhh I love the new layout! And I love Nacho Libre! And I love you!!

  3. One of the best scenes in Nacho Libre. Love it.


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