The Fabulous Five

So, I watched this video...
And cried a little...
(Okay, more than a little)
Because I am so eternally grateful for these beautiful girls who happen to be my best friends. They are charming gardeners who have helped me grow so much in all the time I have known them. They are truly the most wonderful friends anyone could ever have.

We were best friends when she moved to Utah in fifth grade and though we parted ways for a while, we always stayed pretty good friends throughout junior high and high school. But during senior year, we started to hang out a lot more and I am so glad we have become best friends again. I was so happy that we were able to go to Girl's Camp together this year as leaders and hang out whenever it was possible. She is so hilarious, spastic, and lovable. I seriously am so glad that I know her. Something that meant so much to me was when I was having a hard time a few months ago, she and JaNae came to my dorm one Friday night with ice cream and just talked to me and showed how much they care for me. I seriously can't even begin to express how much that meant to me, Lydia. Thank you for always caring and showing your love. I love getting letters from Lydia and talking to her, it always makes my day. She truly is such a lovely best friend. I imagine her marrying a combination of Channing Tatum (pretty-boy handsome and hilarious) and the husband in Julie and Julia ( extremely sweet, cute, and supportive). And hopefully, he will be very rich, so Lydia can buy out Spankie's and we can go to Anthropologie every third Friday of the month to not only browse, but actually buy things there!
We met in English my sophomore year in high school and we've been friends ever since! We had a blast and loved each other SO much that we took a five week CNA course at the DATC during the summer. I love the memories of driving the huge Yukon to the DATC and dropping her off at her house. We would just talk and blast music and life was so good. I loved getting to know her and being able to just sing along. Then we finished the class and school started again. We ended up in the same english class once again and from there on, we have had so many hilarious times together. But out of everything, I think my favorite memory made with her has been having her in my seminary class Senior year with Brother Barlow. I have never loved a seminary class more than that one. I am so grateful to Kacee for her strong testimony and her willingness to share it, anytime and anywhere! She truly stands as a witness and her compassion blesses my life and the lives of others. She is going to be an amazing nurse someday, seriously though, because she is one of the sweetest people I know and truly knows how to empathize and sympathize with others. She simply is a fabulous best friend and I am so grateful for her. I always imagine her marrying a guy like Mark Ruffalo. A taller and muscular, LDS Mark Ruffalo. I think they have matching senses of humor (Is that right?). They would be one of the sweetest and most hilarious couples anyone could know. The type of couple that you always want to go on double dates with or hang out with, because you know you will always have a great time with them. And as I mentioned before, she will be a great RN and her husband will be successful as well.
We pretty much have been soul sisters our whole life. We've grown up in the same ward together all 18 and a half years and we've always been friends. But we truly became best friends in Ms. Adkins' (now Mrs. Klinker's) fourth grade class. To be honest, we were hooligans in 4th grade and one of our favorite pasttimes was walking to Albertson's to get our then favorite candy bars, Snickers and Snickers Crunchers, and JaNae would get Gatorades or Sobes as well. Yes, that was the beginning of a hilarious friendship. I don't think I can pin down one specific time that is my favorite memory. Whenever we are together, we are psychotic and should probably be kicked out of Relief Society. I just love JaNae and that we can just look at each other and know what the other one is thinking (well, most of the time...if JaNae hasn't spaced out). And I love that I can call her and talk to her for hours and laugh about everything and nothing. She's truly a wonderful best friend. I always imagine her marrying a guy like Melman the Giraffe from Madagascar. I know it sounds odd, but it makes sense...maybe because he is really tall and quirky and sweet...like Jared? :) JaNae's career plan changes from day to day, but whatever she does, she will be great at it. She will be a hilarious mom and her children will hopefully be athletic like their mom and tall like their dad. I can't wait til when she has kids and calls me (hopefully a lot), so I can hear all about her crazy stories of parenting and hopefully some Suzanne-like quotes.
Allie and I went to Jennie P. Stewart together and hung out once at a birthday party. Then we reunited in high school choir. I remember going to her house for her sixteenth birthday party and having a really fun time. We would hang out every once in a while, but when senior year came around, we really started to become great friends. We were in the same AP English class for first semester and we were both in choir together. I am so thankful for the countless times we would talk in choir and hang out. I have so many favorite memories with Allie, climbing Ensign Peak (the whole Fab Five was there for that event) and taking one of my favorite pictures of all time with both of us and then when she left for Brazil the next week for the rest of the summer, we started to email each other. I was always so grateful for her wisdom and her stories,I looked forward to each email. I still go back and read them often. Another time that I loved was when we all went to General Conference together. Allie got us the tickets and it was an incredible experience to go together and be so close to see the Prophet, his counselors, apostles, and general authorities of the Lord. Thank you so much, Allie! I can always count on her to be there for me and I have never met someone as sweet and kind as Allie. She is a fantastic best friend. I always imagine her marrying a Brazilian Mr. Bingley. Someone that is incredibly handsome, sweet, supportive, and just as exquisite on the inside as he is on the outside...just like Allie! She will be the cutest Elementary School Teacher and I imagine him being a successful business man. Their house will be so cute and their children will be the most beautiful, handsome, and sweetest kids ever!

Though it's hard for me to imagine what we will exactly be like in the future, I hope that no matter who we marry and where we go in life, we will always be able to stay close. I hope that when we are married, with kids, and older, we will still be able to have as many good times as we have had in all of the years we have been friends.
Thank you for all the incredible, hilarious, and spiritual times we have had together! You are simply the cream of the crop and tip of the top, the best! I love you, girls!

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  1. Catherine, you are the best, just simply the best :) I love love love this blog to death. But not completely to death, because I certainly don't want to kill it. Ha ha, but for real, You are so amazing and sweet and kind and thoughtful!! Just plain thoughtful. Thanks for always being such a great friend and influence on me! You are the best soul sister ever! ... Sketchy look... Ha ha, I love this. You are marvelous! Love you.


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