"And I know someday it will all work out...I just haven't met you yet."-Michael Buble

So, today is Valentine's Day.
Also not so lovingly known as Single Awareness Day.
But to me, it seems like everyday is single awareness day. I see people at church, on
campus, at the movies, at restaurants and many more places that are so in love
Or at least appear to be. 

And I can't help but think why I haven't had that. I am so overwhelmingly aware of how 
single I am to the point where I am already thinking of 
names for my dogs.
(I refuse to be a cat lady...I despise cats.) 

I honestly have wondered what's wrong with me several times. 
What is wrong with me? 
(Rhetorical question) 
Why is it that I have never had someone truly like me and actually show it?
Well...that's an exaggeration, but I have my days where I feel like this.
Despite this, I absolutely love Valentine's Day. It actually comes in as my third favorite 
holiday after Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Well, let me enlighten you about this.
I love the sappy movies with happily ever afters. As cliche and corny as it may be, it gives
me hope that one day I will have my own happily ever after.

I love the decorations. A few weekends ago, I was at Robert's with my mom and I wanted to buy every decoration they had on display. They are my favorite.

I love that one day is set aside for LOVE. Amidst all the turmoil the world, there is one day in the year that we can acknowledge love, 
that it does and can exist in this world.

In fact, I love this day so much that I think 
everyday can and 
should be like Valentine's Day. 

Don't hesitate to tell the ones you love that you love them...loving words can completely 
change someone's day or even life. You don't need a day set apart to express your love 
through flowers and candy. Your life should just radiate love to all those around you. 
This can be hard and something I need to work on, but like my favorite Primary song says, 
"Where love is there God is also." If you put God first in your life and love God, everything 
will just fall into place. I know that He DOES take care of you and He does LOVE you, 
even if you feel like no one else does.

So, that's why this is my theme song for my love life. I know that someday everything will work out. Prince Charming IS out there, I just haven't met him yet. But I know that as this special someone, whoever he may be and wherever he may be, and I put God first in our lives, it will bring us together eventually.

(I'm going to see him in March and I cannot wait!)

So go spread some love today and everyday.
Everything will work out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. So don't worry, you didn't offend me at all with any of your posts about Valentine's Day. First, I really like this song as well; second, I love the music video and hope that happens to me one day; third, I love two of your three reasons for loving the day (I'll give you a hint, I can do without the decorations); and finally, I agree that pretty much every day is singles awareness day, but such is life. Hope everything has been going great for you!


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