License and Registration? Oh, wait...Nevermind.

It was a snowy morning.
Not a blizzard, but enough snow to make the pedestrian or car
occasionally slide along their way.

But in this case, it was a cyclist.

A blissfully unaware cyclist.
Bundled up in many mismatched layers to stay warm,
Sporting sunglasses to keep the snowflakes out of her eyes,
And finally, listening to an iPod whose earbuds were blaring music
much too loudly.

On her journey up the hill toward class.

At the same time,

There was also a shuttle coming down the hill toward class.

A girl and her friend took their seats. The girl was glad that she wasn't alone.
It would not be another strangely awkward shuttle experience since she was with another person.
They talked about the days ahead of them, absentmindedly looking through
the New York Times set out on the shuttle seats every morning.

"What stop are you getting off at?" she asked her friend.
"Social Behavioral Building," he replied.
"Perfect," she said as she pulled the cord for the upcoming stop.

Little did she know...

That as she walked down the stairs of the shuttle...

Jumping off the last one as she usually does...

She would soon be flat on the ground.

"Ohhhh....Ummmm, WOOPS!" said the cyclist, embarrassed and turning red-faced.

Silence, then a moan.

"Can you get up?" said the cyclist picking her bike up off the girl.

"Yeah...owwww..." mumbled the girl, confused getting up with the help of her friend.

"Oh, okay...um, BYE!" yelled the cyclist as she zoomed off on her bike.

The girl briefly limped, then walked away with her friend to their classes, dazed.

The girl was me. The cyclist's identity is unknown.

Was that the appropriate response from the cyclist? Should an accident report have been filed?
I don't really know the answer.

I just know that I was shivering, damp, and confused all through anatomy.
I also know I have acquired a scrape and three more bruises on my legs,
in addition to the monster of a bruise I clumsily received over the weekend.
Being clumsy or unaware or both never pays off.

However, this story has made me laugh multiple times today.
So, go ahead and laugh!


  1. Oh my! I hope you are ok! It definitely seems that the cyclist should have taken a bit longer to make sure you were ok.

  2. Okay. I really have a problem with cycling students on college campuses. They always seem so annoyed with the amount of pedestrians, and I ALWAYS seem annoyed with the cyclists. Biking should be banned, I tell you!

  3. HAAAAAAAAAAA! BEST THING EVER! Sorry, I have this fetish with all caps recently. So funny. Hope you are ok. Love, Janee


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