"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." -Hal Borland

Highlights of 2009
-Watching President Obama's Inaugaration.
-My last Broadway Concert at Abravanel Hall. This was always my favorite concert. I loved the exhilaration that came when the applause began as the finale song echoed through the beautiful hall.
-Valentine's Day...This is weird for me, right? No, I didn't go to the Valentine's Dance or on a date. But my family and I ate dinner Pizza Factory in Ogden and it was so much fun to spend time with them.
-Viewmont's AIDA. Seriously. Amazing. Musical.
-Spring Break. Going to Fredericksburg, Virginia to visit our family, The Porters, and seeing Washington D.C. It truly was the best vacation I have been on so far and I could go on and on about this trip.
-Prom with Brock. Hooray for last minute (and by last minute, I mean, being asked the night before prom), really attractive, somewhat blind dates to your senior prom! It was a blast to just go and have fun!
-Completing AP Chemistry and Passing the AP Test. This class was a nightmare and consumed almost all of my life senior year. However, all the things I learned both pertaining to chemistry, but mostly pertaining to myself are one of the best rewards of high school. I managed to have so much fun with my friends in that class (Bennett, Norway, Steph, and Carlee). About halfway through the year, I got to a point where I actually enjoyed and wanted to go to that class (Wait, what?! Did Mrs. Ott's chemicals get to you? Most likely, but more likely is that it was worth going just to see "someone".), even if I wasn't understanding the material.
-Graduating from Viewmont High School. It was a surreal day for me. And though high school was fun, I'm glad that I have moved on.
-My 18th Birthday. It was a really memorable day with lots of firsts. I received my first bouquet of flowers from someone, went to lunch with my mom and sister for the first time at Sego Lily Cafe, had my first pedicure, it was the first birthday that the sun wasn't shining...32 degrees was the low and it was June 20th!, saw The Proposal and Ryan Reynolds for the first time :), and had my first trip to Starbuck's (don't worry it was only hot chocolate! which was also weird...not ice cream, but hot chocolate for a June birthday!). It was a really fun day and not as weird as I thought it would be to become an adult.
-Going to movies in Founders Park on Thursday nights. It was very Wedding Planner-esque, minus Matthew McConaughey. It was fun to see different movies with friends like Journey to the Center of the Earth, though I wasn't really watching it, and the Ghost of Mr. Chicken.
-Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was an incredible spiritual experience to sit with my family in the sealing room and I absolutely love that beautiful Temple.
-Going to DQ with Bennett, such a great guy :)
-Being able to go to Stake Girl's Camp with Hope as a leader. It was the best Girl's Camp I have ever been to.
-Going to the Dakota Lodge in Park City with my family to spend a night. We decided on a whim to go do this before I moved out and it was so much fun to just spend time with my family, swim and relax for a day in a really pretty hotel (It was an AH moment for me, I felt like I was at the Swiss lodge she goes to in Charade). And I remember sitting outside on the deck outside our room with my Macbook, star gazing and starting this very blog! Remember?
-Moving out to live on the Honors Living and Learning Floor in the Dorms and then starting school at the University of Utah. I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had there for anything. I know without a doubt that I am supposed to be there and I feel like I am getting a great education. I have loved making new friends and making new and fun experiences with them. College is fantastic.
-Back to School Reception at President Michael Young's House. It was a really cool event for the Honors College at the U. We were able to go to the University of Utah's President's backyard. It was my very first fancy soiree. Complete with waiters serving food on silver platters throughout the yard, a quartet and gorgeous decorations. And though I wasn't wearing a dress half as adorable as hers, I felt very AH and it was really fun.
-General Conference Weekend with My Girls, The Fabulous Five. We were 20 rows away from the pulpit and directly in front of the Prophet. It was truly amazing!
-Giving up Facebook from October 25 to December 17 (minus one day). It was truly amazing how much I didn't miss it and how much more I accomplished. I felt so much better without it.
-Going to New Moon with Sarah. Movie Ticket: $12. Candy and Popcorn: $8. Midnight movie with one of your best friends, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner? Priceless.
-Thanksgiving. Always a favorite holiday and I really have never felt more grateful than I am this year for all that I have.
-Hope's 13th Birthday. My family met me at Market Street downtown and it was so much fun. It was decorated with Christmasy decorations and looked so beautiful. It was fun to be with my family and gave me the recharge I needed before final weeks. Loved it and love Hope so much.
-Christmas. Actually the whole break has been a highlight. It's been so nice to relax, have no homework to worry about and being able to just focus on making good memories with my family and friends.

2009 was a fantastic year and I have grown so much this year. My life has gone in unexpected directions this year and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love all the people in my life that have made this year great and I have never been more thankful for my parents, siblings, the Gospel, the Holy Ghost, My Savior, and My Heavenly Father. I hope 2010 is even better than this year was!!!

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  1. I love reading your blog. You are such a wonderful woman!!! I have always looked up to you:)


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