"When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are...Anything your heart desires will come to you." -Jiminy Cricket

When I was a little girl,

I was an only child.

Every night, I looked out my window and wished on the stars for a brother and sister. Every fountain I passed, I demanded to stop. My parents would pull out a coin, which I would toss in as I wished for a brother and sister. Every prayer I said, I would say, 
"Please bless my brother and sister that will be coming soon."

In April 1996, my mom and dad told me that I would be a big sister in December. When my sister, Hope, was born, I couldn't have been happier. I remember so clearly when I first held her and how sweet she was as a baby (and she still is!). In June 1998, my parents told Hope and I, (at one of the fountains I had wished for a brother and sister) that we would be getting another brother or sister. When Thomas was born, I was so happy too. I remember holding him in the hospital and silently thanking my Heavenly Father for a beautiful brother and sister.

Every day, I am so thankful that I have my brother and sister. They are my best friends. When I came home from school on Thursday, my heart was so full and I couldn't help but cry as I bear-hugged Hope and Thomas.

They are the greatest gifts I have ever wished for.

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  1. Siblings are hands down the best relationships on the planet. I don't know what I'd do without them.


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