"A dog is a man's best friend." -Anonymous

Today, three of my best friends and I went shopping at the Gateway. It felt sooo nice to be together. And I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of their stories, walking around, and seeing (not buying...I wish I wasn't a poor college student!) really neat expensive things at stores like Anthropologie, Z Gallerie and Sur La Table. Thanks girls for a fun morning!

When I came home, I did some housework and Christmas wrapping. Then, our family had dinner and drove to the house in the neighborhood below us. This house is no ordinary house. It has lights that blink and flash to music. You turn your radio station to FM 91.5 and the music is in synchronization with the lights. Last year, one of my friends and I just sat in front of this house for hours, drinking hot chocolate and watching the lights while we talked. I was so glad to see that they did it this year as well.

But when we got back, my dad reminded my sister and I of the dreaded job we forgot to do this afternoon.

Dog Clean Up.

While we were outside doing this delightful task in the cold and dark, we couldn't help but joke around and blame our dog, Wilson, for all of the problems we were having with the flashlights and shovels. I seriously think we looked like and probably sounded like Lucy and Ethel. We just could not finish the job because we were laughing our heads off and Hope was on the verge of peeing her pants, so I sent her in. I finished up and before I walked into the house I checked my shoes.

Phew...nothing on them.

But Hope wasn't as cautious before coming in. I spent a half hour cleaning her shoes while she scrubbed, spot cleaned, dried and vacuumed the carpets and wood floors.

Here's some important things to remember...

-Always, always, always check your shoes before you come in the house.
-Never buy shoes that have complicated patterns with little tiny grooves on the bottoms.
And finally,
-Do not procrastinate what you could do in the afternoon. Always prepare and get everything done before the nightfall. You seriously will regret it when you are stuck out in the cold with a flashlight that can barely penetrate the darkness.

As much as I love Wilson, the cutest dog in the whole entire world, I just wish he came without the messes.

But that's life...what would it be without the messes and cleaning them up?

It would be wonderful, but awfully dull. So thank you for the messes in life and the laughter and learning that comes while cleaning them up.

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