"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." -Phyllis Diller

Weird Fact: I love cleaning. Especially doing laundry and vacuuming.

I just absolutely love seeing things become clean.

Sometimes I go into these huge laundry rampages, where I sort everything in the laundry room. Clothes according to color and towels, then jeans, delicates, and whites. I love the smell of laundry detergent as I measure it out to put it in the washer. I love cleaning the lint catcher when I move the items from the washer to the dryer. I love folding the laundry, hanging it up, ironing it, everything about it. I love this laundry room and hope to have a nice laundry room...like this one.

I love vacuums. When you plug it in and turn on the switch, it's like you are put into another world where it is just you and the vacuum. (Wow, this sounds like I have an unhealthy infatuation with an inanimate object. I promise I do not!) I don't really dig the pushing of the huge heavy vacuums, even though it gives me a good workout. I love watching, before my very eyes, the dirt being picked up and whooshed and whirled away into the dark abyss of a vacuum.

I don't know if this love of cleaning will stay, especially when I eventually have kids and the quote of this blog does come true.

But hopefully it does stay!

I enjoy it... oh-so much!

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  1. You are the cutest girl I know! I've absolutely loved reading through your blog. You're posts are so clever, and some really quite hilarious:) I miss you, girl! I hope everything is going well at the U. Good luck this year!


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