"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."-Johnny Mathis singing

Okay, there's snow outside my window. In my "front yard". I think the magic of cutting out snowflakes worked.

One day every year, after Thanksgiving after we've put up all the Christmas decorations, Hope, Thomas and I cut out snowflakes for hours while we watch Christmas movies. We put them up in the windows at my house and believe that it's going to snow now that we have cut out snowflakes and Jack Frost can see them on our windows (We started this when we were very young, but it's still fun to think that :) ). Last night, Sarah and I were cutting out snowflakes to decorate my living room, since we can't put them in the windows. "Anything in the windows is distracting from the overall aesthetic of the buildings"--what aesthetic? They are just plain tan buildings with white windows. Oh well. And even though, I briefly heard on the news that it was going to snow, I still think its the snowflakes.

Yesterday was a really good day. I had a huge math test in the morning and I'm not certain how I feel about it, but it's done! When I got back to the dorms, Sarah and I decided to go to Foothill Village and have some Costa Vida and window-shop. We drove through the Harvard Yale neighborhood and a few canyons on the way back though to procrastinate some cleaning we both had to do. The canyons are completely barren of any sign of fall, so winter really is just around the corner. When I got back, I cleaned the bathroom and I was going to do more cleaning, but my family called me and wanted to meet at The Gateway in 30 minutes for a movie (A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey) and dinner. So I hurried to get ready and meet them, but I hit EVERY SINGLE red light all the way down 400 south. That gave me a lot of time to flip through the radio stations. As we all know, KOSY 106.5 always always ALWAYS starts to play Christmas music on Halloween or soon after. So being an advocate of playing Christmas music AFTER Thanksgiving, I was trying to avoid that channel as I usually have for years. But NOW FM 100.3 has started to play their Christmas music too. So it was even harder to avoid. Now you can see where this is going. I listened to Christmas music all the way to the Gateway and even found myself singing along with ALL OF IT. Especially Johnny Mathis' "It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year" and switching between tenor and soprano voices. I must've looked like a nut case to all the people I was stuck in traffic with.

"A Christmas Carol" probably would've been more exciting in 3D. As just another of 1,000 renditions of the classic story, I found this one to be a little odd; Hope, Thomas and I laughed more than we should've at it and kept whispering to each other sarcastic comments about the movie. Dinner was SO delicious. We went to Biaggi's afterward and it was so nice to see all of my family, especially my dad, who has been in Cincinnati since Sunday and I barely saw him when I was home last weekend. They walked me back to my car and then we parted our ways til Sunday dinner. It was a wonderful evening with them and I love them SO much. When I came back to my dorm, I walked with Sarah to the basketball game (well, Sarah walked with me...what a good friend to come with a fanatical friend!) and we both had so much fun! I really get into basketball and today, I have the hoarse voice to prove it. Then we came back and watched The Parent Trap while cutting snowflakes.

Not bad for a Friday the 13th, I'd say. In fact, it was a really fabulous day and night! But what did I learn yesterday? A few days ago, Rosie had a James Taylor Christmas playing and I said to her, "As much as I'm ready for the holidays, I never listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. It just breaks the rules and makes Thanksgiving seem less than it is." Well, that just went down the drain. I must be unconsciously more ready for Christmas than I ever have been before...it was November 13 and I saw a Christmas movie, listened (AND SANG ALONG) to Christmas music, and to top it all off, I cut out snowflakes! Hurry up, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I can't wait much longer for "the hap-happiest season of all [and]...the most wonderful time of the year!"

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