"Happy Thanksgibbing Back!" -Rose, from "You've Got Mail"

What I am grateful for...

The Gospel and The Peace It Brings A Patient and Unconditionally Loving Heavenly Father The Temple Institute Revelation from Modern Day Prophets and The Scriptures The Chance to Go To The University of Utah and Have A Great Education The Change of Seasons Answers to Prayers Orbit Gum The Knowledge that My Family is A Forever Family A Selfless Father Who Is A Worthy Priesthood Holder A Hilarious and Absolutely Christlike Mother The Blessing of Having A Wonderful Brother and Sister The Holidays My Dad's Employment Clothing Food (Even If It is Gross Cafeteria Food When I'm Away At School) Music and Being Able To Play The Piano A Car To Drive Tollhouse Pie A Bed To Sleep In A Healthy Body Water Visiting Teaching Excedrin Mexican Food Living in the United States of America Hymns Flowers Chocolate Relief Society Family Friends The Atonement and The Chance It Gives Us To Return To Heavenly Father and Our Advocate, Brother, and Ultimate Exemplar, Jesus Christ

This list could go on and on and on...

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