"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."-Dr. Seuss

Pffft....I WISH! All of Fall Break I had the most bizarre dreams about people and love and relationships. It was insane. But finally, last night, I broke that streak! I had a really long monotonous dream, but towards the end, Ryan Reynolds (Andrew from The Proposal) was the checker at the checkout stand I was in line for! I finally was able to put my groceries on the conveyor belt and as he checked me out (well probably not me, but you know what I mean!), we flirted and he was so-oh dreamy! And I felt really sad when he gave me my receipt and I had to take my bags, but upon further inspection of my receipt, he had written his name and number on the back!!! I KNOW! (girly squeal) But sadly, I woke up before I could call him! But it was a really good dream.
When I was riding the shuttle this cold and dreary morning, I thought about my dream and wished that I could be in quaint Sitka, Alaska with someone as dreamy and adorable as Ryan Reynolds. Or someone like any of the incredibly attractive guys that always seem to pull on my heartstrings and make me drool and squeal like a junior high girl while I watch romantic comedies.
The extent of my college dating has been...well...hmmm. The only excitement (well, nightmare to be more accurate) was an extreme stalker the first two weeks of school. The only way I could get rid of him was when I finally had an imaginary boyfriend back home. And then there has been the occasional weirdo/creeper that I have skillfully avoided by giving them a fake number. I wish I actually had a REAL boy that I could use as an excuse when the creepers/stalkers come. Why can't I have a chick flick romance?! Is anyone out there for me? When am I going to meet him? Right now, the answer seems like NEVER. I thought I'd found him...but I think I'm still in that phase of "when you're [eighteen] and somebody tells you they love you...you're gonna believe them". I feel like I'm never going to find that special someone that will make my reality better than my dreams (which could be hard!). I sound incredibly bitter, but that's just my feeling at the moment. But, for now, I'll stick with being a "smart, strong, beautiful, independent woman [that doesn't] need a man to complete [me]" and I'm going to get back to writing the three essays due on Wednesday and stop daydreaming!


Thanks for making my day!

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