"...All of which have the potential to turn a life around." -Leo Buscaglia

Leo Buscaglia once said, "Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." Or in my case, the potential to turn a day around. This is one of my favorite quotes. I know that over and over again in this blog, I say how much I love my family, friends, the gospel, my Savior and Father in Heaven. There has to be rain in your life to help you appreciate the sunshine. They are my ultimate sunshine that always comes shining through for me.

I also have to say again that God really does know us and loves us. He has blessed me so much and I know He really is listening to our prayers and He answers them.

I don't want to be a downer, but last night was probably the worst night I have had since I moved out and started college. It was the culmination of a lot of pent up emotions and breaking point for me. I won't go into lots of details, but just as I started to feel happy and good, like when I went to Ben's Cookies (Now Denali Cakes or something like that, but it's still the same cookies) with Carlie and Katherine or when my home teachers came to visit or when I talked to my mom on the phone or when I finally got my mailbox opened and found four cute letters from some of my best friends and neighbors, I would immediately have some bad experience or something to ruin my joy. I think Satan was working extra hard on me yesterday. After going through an entire box of Kleenex, talking to my dad and one of my absolute best friends, and reading my scriptures and praying, I finally got to bed around 3 am. I woke up 3 hours later with an extreme migraine, but ended up going to class and an excellent lecture of a Stanford Professor. But the feelings started to come back. I thought going to lunch at my absolute favorite restaurant, The Dodo in Sugarhouse, would help, but I ended up coming back and crying again until I fell asleep. I woke up after two hours to a call from my mom. They were at my building and had brought me dinner. We just laughed and talked in my room for an hour. It was an answer to prayers and I felt so loved not only by them, but Heavenly Father. It was hard to see them leave, but I was glad they had came and I was starting to feel better. After they left, I cried a little more, but no sooner than ten minutes after my family left, I get a call from JaNae and said to come outside. I was a little bewildered, but I walked outside and found JaNae and Lydia with my favorite ice cream. Just another blessing and tender mercy. Heavenly Father must really be looking out for me and loves me. I am so thankful for my wonderful best friends and their visit. I really needed it and it was fun to catch up with them and talk to them.

I can't even begin to express how much it meant to me to have these visits tonight. They were so guided by the Spirit to come visit me and it was just another of many witnesses that Heavenly Father knows me. It is incredibly amazing how the Lord works. He doesn't give us anything we can't handle and He willingly pours out blessings constantly to help you get through things. I was reminded again tonight of how important it is to live close to the Spirit and that it really is the Gospel and friends and family that bring you true happiness in life.

Thank you so much

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