"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."-Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump

I swear I didn't have a Tom Hanks marathon this weekend. The quotes just happened that way. However, as I was listening to Soft Sunday Sounds on FM 100.3 while I drove home for dinner and back to my apartment last night, I had a sort of life analogy came to me. I don't think I can out-do Forrest Gump's words of wisdom, but I hope you can learn something from it. My car is like a sanctuary for me. Some of the most spiritual experiences I have had in the past year have been while I was praying out loud as I rushed to school, things people-whom I have had the privilege of chauffeuring around-have said to me, or just when I turn off the radio and think. The world is like I-15 under construction, it's constantly changing and reinventing itself to be more convenient, easy, and accessible to the people. While I was driving in the dark last night when the lanes shift and you are right next to the northbound traffic and all that separates you is a little wall, I had to concentrate on the faded white dotted line to keep me in my lane. These faint white lines are the Gospel. It keeps you in your lane and gives you direction. You may not know what turns and bumps you may lead to, but if you follow that line and keep your focus on it, you know that everything will work out and you will eventually get to the destination you desire. The wall dividing you from the blinding northbound traffic is the counsel from the prophets or the For Strength of Youth. It provides a barrier or guidelines to keep you safe from the blinding and deceiving distractions of temptation...I was thinking to myself DON'T GO TO THE LIGHT while I kept my eyes on the line, so I wouldn't drift. The radio represents your choices...you can choose whatever station you want to listen to, but to be uplifted, you have to tune into the right things. You have to choose the right station to tune into if you want to have positive and righteous influences in your life. The analogy can keep going, but those are a few of the thoughts I had while I was driving home. I think it was a result of mixing the Soft Sunday Sounds and going through my AP English essays last night for my writing class today. I missed AP English as I went through my stuff and I am forever thankful for everything Mrs. Jenkins taught us...a lot of it has helped me already. I really like my ward...fantastic Bishopric, fabulous Relief Society President, and funny people. There's a BBQ for FHE tonight, but I don't have much of an appetite. Tums, constant nausea, and no sleep has made this day an interesting one. I was late to two of my classes today, but I figure it's okay just for today. Thank goodness, demerits and citizenship don't exist in college. Today, I was a magnet for football and basketball players on the shuttle, so maybe my luck is changing...knock on wood! I'm starting to become a ramblesaurus (in JaNae and Jared's words), but remember to have faith in the faintest white lines and have faith in God's roadmap for you. And MAKE GOOD CHOICES!

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