Crown Burger shakes are bliss. -Catherine Newman

Transitions are difficult, but tender mercies are being sent my way every day, never fail. The first day of school, I went and got Crown Burger with Gabrielle to discuss how strange it is to be at college. Chocolate Crown Burger shakes...they will be in Heaven. :) And Tuesday was a rough day, but I travelled home, had a really nice family dinner, and unwound to come back feeling more confident. But things I love about school already....walking into the bookstore and being hit with the aroma of hot cinnamon roasted almonds mixed with the scent of new books, walking out of my building to see the mountains covered in fog and the earliest hues of the morning, walking into the gigantic library to study, walking into the football stadium and going to the top floor to look over the valley, and walking around Salt Lake City at night. Out of all of the walking I do, the only walk I despise is the fifteen minute sprint uphill from President's Circle to the Honors Center...only to always walk in 3 minutes late and profusely sweating with thirty pairs of eyes on me. It's not the most pleasant experience. I really am liking all of my classes, and though they are challenging, I know I'm going to learn so much. I have discovered I am a magnet for all of the lunatics on public transportation. I always end up being by someone who starts swearing up a storm, complaining about the weirdest things, or a combination of both. Last night after studying, a friend on my floor, Parker, and I decided we'd go on a random excursion downtown. So after taking Campus shuttle and walking to the Trax station, we got on Trax to make our way downtown. At the Trolley Square station, the doors opened and we hear this loud growling and grunting. Next thing I know, this dusty, drunk, and profanity yelling man plops down next to me with tequila, a duct tape jacket and golf club heads clutched in his hands. Parker said that he thought our stop was next...obviously it wasn't but he just said it was to get away from him. As we get up to get off, he said to us, "You guys better be careful out there, and if any one gives you any trouble, you can call me...The Downtown Dog." (Of course, that is the edited version, there were many more expletives thrown in there.) I thought I was going to pee my pants when we got off the train I was laughing so hard. We then walked to the Wells Fargo Building and we were in the background of Channel 2 News! It was the most random thing, but it was fun and Parker is becoming a really great guy friend. There's this constant sharp ache in my chest whenever I'm around him though, because I am always reminded of  Bennett or my friends. I am loving Institute and I'm excited to go to my ward on Sunday...however, I feel like all the young adults are light years older than me. Hopefully I'll get used to that soon. We were talking about divine purposes in Institute and something hit me really hard. He (Brother Marshall) said that it is resonant within us to choose good in this life. The ability to make righteous choices has carried on with us from our pre-mortal life, just like our personality traits. So when we say in testimony that we know, all we are saying is that we know AGAIN or that we have remembered once more that Christ is our Savior, this Gospel is so perfect, and all of the principles of the gospel are true. I am glad that I was provided with that perspective and I know that principle is true!

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